Education Speedy aims at promoting learning through engagement and greater understanding for students. We intend to provide a unique teaching experience for teachers by converting the current curriculum from text to animations.


Education Speedy is an ed-tech startup which aims to provide quality learning experience for students by converting old age text curriculum into beautiful and thoroughly researched animations. Currently incubated in Nspire at Netsol Technologies, our team is striving to create ease for teachers in explaining hardcore scientific concepts using animations in our specialized portal. Therefore, enabling an engaging educational environment for students and teachers alike.



Syed Faseeh Ul Hassan CEO

A Computer Engineering graduate whose passion revolves around animations and illustration designing. I have experience that includes freelance work, as well as working in Dunya News as a professional motion graphics animator.

Ali Sanaullah COO

I am designing and implementing strategies to ensure smooth running of business operations while keeping company values and culture in check.

Abdul Mannan PM

A computer scientist involved in managing design and development activities at the company. I ensure efficient communication and coordination among various teams to maximize productivity.